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Serving industries with the best collection of pipes like Agricultural HDPE Sprinkler Pipe, Industrial HDPE Pipes, Industrial HDPE Round Pipes, Industrial MDPE Pipes, MDPE Flexible Pipe, HDPE Irrigation Pipe, etc.

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About Us

Pipes are those components which have their applications in several industrial, household, agricultural & other such areas and our company, Technova Polymers have been fulfilling such demands since our inception in the year 1995. From that time, we have been working as a manufacturer and supplier of a diverse variety of HDPE Pipe & MDPE Pipe. Our robust and premium built range comprises products like Agricultural HDPE Sprinkler Pipe, Industrial HDPE Pipes, Industrial HDPE Round Pipes, MDPE Flexible Pipe, Industrial HDPE Irrigation Pipe, Black HDPE Pipe, Blue MDPE Pipe and various others. For the manufacturing of such unique assortment, we obtain raw materials from many of the renowned vendors of the market. In addition, we also ensure the entire product portfolio is tested as per the highest quality specifications before being shipped.

Why To Choose Us?

Some of the main reasons why to choose our company rather than the others in the market are as follows:

  • Smart Technology: We make use of smart & newest technological advancements in developing our highly efficient product range.
  • Punctual Delivery Time: We make sure that there is a continuous production line so that orders of the clients can be delivered punctually.
  • Professional Team: We are supported by an extremely professional team that carries out all the operations seamlessly in the company.

Quality Assurance

Since we, Technova Polymers, are a quality-focused company, our every single move is intended to deliver the highest quality of products to the customers. Initially, the raw materials are procured from the most reliable and validated vendors present in the market. After that we initiate the manufacturing process bearing in mind the highest possible quality standards and use the best performing machines. Lastly, our team of highly trained experts then tests the goods including Industrial HDPE Irrigation Pipe, Blue MDPE Pipe, Agricultural HDPE Sprinkler Pipe, Black HDPE Pipe, MDPE Flexible Pipe, etc., in accordance with different quality criteria. In this way, we always maintain the finest quality levels and accordingly serve our respective customers with absolutely the best.

Areas Of Application

Here are some of the areas of applications of our products:
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Houses
  • Mines
  • Industries
  • Agricultural Sector
  • Irrigation & Sprinkling System
  • Horticulture Green House Technology
  • Transportation & Potable Water